After Doing These 3 Things During The Day, Check The Blood Sugar Level! One Mistake Increases These 9 Problems.

After Doing These 3 Things During The Day, Check The Blood Sugar Level! One Mistake Increases These 9 Problems.

The right time to check blood sugar level: You must have read in many articles earlier also that diabetes is a lifestyle-related disease, which occurs due to an increase in the amount of sugar in the patient’s blood. This sugar can also be called glucose. By the way, glucose is needed by every cell of our body so that we keep getting energy. But when your body is not able to use the insulin coming out of the pancreas properly or it is not able to produce it, then you start having trouble with type-2 diabetes. In fact, in this situation, glucose remains in your veins and gradually starts making your veins weak. Let us know in this article when you should check your blood sugar level.

What are the problems (High blood sugar complication)

If the amount of glucose in the body increases, you may have these problems:

1.Bladder problem

2- Eye problems

3-Trouble in the feet

4-Trouble in the gums

5-heart disease

6-High blood pressure

7-kidney disease

8-Nerves problem

9-Skin related problems

Must check blood sugar in these 3 situations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that people who are suffering from type-2 diabetes need to check their blood sugar from time to time. They must check their blood sugar level after these three situations.

1-After eating anything

2- After taking the medicine

3-After doing physical activities

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Best times to check blood sugar

1.It is not necessary that every person should check his blood sugar at the same time. A patient suffering from type-2 diabetes should talk to his doctor to check his blood sugar.

2- Apart from this, those people who eat food up to three times a day, need to check their blood sugar before eating food and at bedtime.

3-People who pay attention to nutrition or those who are in the hospital and are unable to eat for some reason need to check their blood sugar every 4 to 6 hours.

4-HbA1c reflects the average blood sugar level of a patient, so do this test every three months.

How to check blood sugar (How to check blood sugar level easily)

It is advised that a person should always check his/her blood sugar level with a blood glucose meter. If you are also using a blood glucose meter, then you should adopt this method:

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1- Read the directions written on the meter correctly.

2-Wash your hands

3.Insert test strip into 3-meter

4-Prick the needle on the side of your fingertip and put a drop of blood on the needle

5- Now holding the test strip by the corner put a drop of blood on it

6- Now your blood glucose level will start appearing on the meter.