Apps To Meet New Friends Not Dating

Apps To Meet New Friends Not Dating

Making new friends as an adult can be challenging. With busy schedules and existing social circles, it’s not always easy to meet like-minded people to build platonic relationships. Luckily, there are now several apps designed specifically for meeting new friends, without the pressure or expectation of dating. 

Why Use Friendship Apps?

Using apps to meet new friends has many advantages:

Convenience: Friendship apps make it easy to connect with people from the comfort of your own home. You can search for and message potential friends whenever you have free time.

  • Shared Interests: Most apps have features to match you with others who share your hobbies, passions, lifestyle choices, etc. This makes building meaningful friendships much simpler.
  • Meet Locals or Travelers: Depending on the app, you can find friends who live nearby or connect with people in destinations you’re travelling to. This widens your social circle near and far.
  • Less Pressure: Without the pressures and expectations of dating apps, friendship apps foster connections more organically and casually.
  • Safety: Reputable apps ensure profiles are verified, giving you peace of mind when meeting strangers. Many have reporting features if you encounter inappropriate behaviour.

How To Stay Unrestricted From Apps?

To maintain an unrestricted experience with apps, particularly in the context of communication or social platforms, consider a few key strategies.

 Firstly, choose apps that respect user privacy and don’t overly restrict your actions or impose invasive policies,If you follow all these steps then it would be the high chance to stay  unrestricted from wizz or any other social media platform so,  Be cautious about sharing personal information and review app permissions to safeguard your data. 

Keep your apps updated to benefit from the latest features and security patches, while also enabling two-factor authentication for enhanced security. Regularly review the app’s settings and privacy options, adjusting them to your preferences. 

Additionally, explore apps that offer more user freedom, such as those without excessive advertisements or intrusive tracking. Lastly, be cautious with third-party app stores and only download apps from reputable sources to minimise security risks. By following these steps, you can enjoy a more unrestricted and secure app experience.

10 Best Apps For Meeting New Friends

Here are 10 top-rated apps for iOS and Android that allow you to expand your social circle and build meaningful, platonic friendships:

  • Bumble BFF: Bumble BFF is the friendship mode on the popular Bumble dating app. To use it, simply update your preferences to look for friends instead of dates. The platform works the same way, with women initiating conversations first. Bumble BFF is great for women seeking new gal pals. 
  • Meetup: Meetup isn’t exclusively for friend-finding, but it’s one of the most popular ways for people with shared interests to connect through local group events. You’ll find Meetup groups for everything under the sun. Attend a few group events to meet potential friends with similar hobbies.
  • Nextdoor: Nextdoor is a private social networking app for neighbourhoods. By connecting with those who live near you, it’s easy to meet locals, discover area recommendations, and form neighbourhood friendships. They also have an around-the-corner feature to meet people in other nearby neighbourhoods.


  • Patook bills itself as the “strictly platonic friend-finding app.” Profiles state users are not looking for dates or romance. You can match and message others based on personality compatibility. Patook has a community of over 500,000 people looking for the same thing: new friends!
  • Friends: Friender matches you with friend candidates based on your social profile and preferences. You can message anyone you like and coordinate friend “dates” to get to know each other offline. Friender also hosts friendship events in cities around the world to help users connect face-to-face.
  • We3: We3 (pronounced “We Three”) brings people together in groups of three friends. Their unique algorithm analyzes your interests and personality to match you into a trio. The app helps facilitate meetups, allowing you to bond and get to know your two matches.
  • Slowly: Slowly is an app dedicated to helping people form meaningful connections through letter writing. You’re matched with pen pals from around the world to exchange thoughtful letters. With the letters coming just once a day, it facilitates deep, unrushed conversations.
  • Friends Go: Friends Go shows you individuals with shared interests who are nearby and looking to meet up. You can coordinate friend “dates” and local activities, like going to a concert or taking a pottery class together. Friends Go is great for introverts looking to develop local friendships gradually.
  • Atletico: Atleto connects people through health and fitness activities. Search for friends into similar sports and workouts and coordinate meetups to exercise together. Working out as a group is a natural friendship builder!
  • Ciao Ciao: Ciao Ciao is an app made for travellers to meet locals and make friends. wherever they venture off. Connect with locals, expats, and fellow wanderers and coordinate meetups in your destination city. Having friends enhances any travel experience!

Choosing the Right Friendship App With the variety of friendship apps available.

What’s Most Important To You When Selecting One?

  • Demographics: Do you want an app with people around your age, the same gender, similar relationship status, etc? 
  • Shared Interests: Are you looking to bond over specific hobbies, sports teams, TV shows, etc? Choose an app that highlights common interests.
  • Location: If you want to meet friends near you, be sure the app has enough users in your area. Location-based matching is important.
  • User Verification: Look for apps that verify users to ensure people are who they claim to be. Verification promotes safer meetups with strangers.
  • Platform: Consider if you want app features like messaging, event coordination, profile matching, groups, etc. Identify what functionality is appealing.

Tips For Meeting Friends On Apps

Here are some useful tips to safely and successfully meet potential friends using these apps:

Add Details to Your Profile: Share your interests, ambitions, personality traits, and what you’re looking for in a friend to attract suitable matches. But don’t share personal details publicly.

Set Boundaries Upfront: Be clear you’re looking for platonic friendships only, not romance or dating. State any other boundaries or expectations early on.

Meet in Public First: When meeting an online friend for the first time, choose a public place like a café or park. Meet during the day and let someone know where you’ll be.  

ake It Slow: Foster online friendships gradually through messaging first. Only meet up when you feel truly comfortable. Listen to your gut.

Stay Alert: Be aware of any strange behaviours or asks. Unmatch or report red flags as needed. Don’t feel pressured to share personal details.

Don’t Give Up: Making friends takes time! Try a few different friendship apps and attend multiple meetups to find the right connections.

The Benefits Of Platonic Friendship Apps

Using apps to build platonic friendships has many benefits beyond just expanding your social circle:

  • Meet people outside your routine spheres of work, home, and existing friend groups.
  •  Find friends who share specific interests, hobbies, lifestyles, backgrounds, etc
  •  Establish local friendships as well as connections when travelling 
  • Enjoy companionship for activities and events if you live somewhere new  
  •  Receive support and advice from fresh perspectives
  • Discover new interests by trying activities friends enjoy
  • Feel a sense of community through new connections

So if you’re hoping to branch out and cultivate new meaningful friendships, friendship apps provide a great solution. With the ability to safely match and communicate based on shared interests and compatibility, you can build a wide network of platonic connections near and far.

Are Friendship Apps Safe To Use?

Most reputable friendship apps have safety features like user verification, reporting tools, and the ability to block or unmatch people you’re uncomfortable with. Take precautions like meeting in public, telling friends where you’ll be, and following your intuition.

How Do I Create A Good Profile On A Friendship App? 

Share interesting details about yourself, what you love to do for fun, causes you to care about, and desirable qualities in potential friends. Upload photos that showcase your personality. Be honest but avoid sharing personal details publicly.

What Questions Should I Ask When Chatting With New Friends Online?

Ask about their interests, hobbies, careers, and backgrounds if they seem open to sharing. Get to know their personality and sense of humour. Ask about their goals for friendship and discuss mutual expectations. But don’t feel rushed to ask personal questions until the meeting.

When Should I Meet Up With An Online Friend In Person?

Take the time to establish a basic foundation of trust and comfort through messaging first. Consider asking for a video chat before meeting up. For first meetups, pick a public place and let a friend know the details. Trust your instincts about when the time feels right.

How Do I Make Friends On Apps If I’m Introverted Or Shy?

Take it slowly starting. Attend app meetups with one or two others if that feels more comfortable. Practice chatting with matches you’re less interested in. Be honest if you need to schedule smaller hangouts to open up. Find patient, empathetic friends who make you feel at ease.


Apps designed for making new buddies, no longer dating, offer a valuable platform for people in search to amplify their social circles and connect to like-minded humans. those apps cater to a huge variety of pastimes, spare time activities, and sports, allowing customers to find partners who share their passions.

By fostering platonic connections, they promote genuine friendships and offer an alternative to dating-focused platforms. It’s important to approach these apps with an open mind, a willingness to engage in shared activities and respect the boundaries and intentions of others, as they can be a positive and effective way to meet new friends and build meaningful relationships in today’s digital age.