7 Anti-Theft Devices to Protect Your Car’s Safety

7 Anti-Theft Devices to Protect Your Car’s Safety

It is crucial that our cars are kept safe from thieves. They are not only our vehicles, but they can also be very expensive to replace. These security devices can be added to your car’s safety system. You can never be too secure.

1. Loud Alarms

They will keep their profile low if someone is involved in something sinister. Nothing says, “hey, look at me!” A blaring alarm can set off a car thief, and it is suggested by Reader’s Digest.

Even if this doesn’t stop them, you will still be able to hear when they are messing up with your car. You can check the situation or call the police before the perpetrator gets too far.

2. GPS Trackers

Thieves can sometimes outwit your car’s security system, whether it be the lock or alarm system. A GPS tracker might not be on their mind. Trackers can be hidden in your car making it difficult for anyone to locate them.

You can still track your car’s exact location if they escape. You can also get detailed reports about your vehicle’s location.

3. Faraday Bags

Every vehicle responds to a specific radio frequency. This can only be emitted using certain key fobs. But thieves who are tech-savvy can detect electromagnetic signals and use it to gain access to your car.

According to carinsurance.com, if you place your key fob in a faraday bag it dampens electromagnetic signals and has a metallic lining. This prevents it from being stolen.

4. Glass-Break Sensors

Car thieves may try to steal your car with finesse. However, more impatient thieves might just break the windows. The sensors will notify you if someone attempts to break into your car’s windows.

Glass-break sensors can also emit an alarm sound when it is activated.

5. Vehicle-Tilt Sensor

There are sensors that can detect if your vehicle’s location changes. Your vehicle may experience detectible tilts when your vehicle is being town or if thieves are more determined.

You can also get an alert sent to your phone by certain devices if there is an abnormality.

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6. Hidden Kill Switches

If you plan to be away from your car for a long time, this could be a good option. The kill switch will prevent electricity from flowing to the battery, ignition switch or fuel pump. The car will look broken and thieves will need to do some more work to steal it.

7. Car Smart Alarm

This is a great option if your vehicle is far from you. Although loud car alarms may not be enough to scare away thieves, they can disable your vehicle before anyone notices. You won’t hear the alarm because you are far away.

This will allow you to lock your car through your smartphone again.